Best and most affordable ways to advertise your business or service.

Starting a business can sometimes be expensive and if you don't have the funds it's virtually impossible to invest further money into advertising. You'll be glad to know there are more affordable ways to advertise and I am going to list them.

1. Social media

The biggie. millions of people use social media every day and guess what, it's completely free to own a Facebook, Instagram page for your business. (and others like Linkden, Twitter, etc...)

If you use your pages wisely and know how to grow your audience and create engaging posts then you need not even flutter an eyelid at advertisement campaigns.

2. Word of mouth

This is where most of my new clients come from and this makes me so proud of my work.

Word of mouth is vital. You need to be making an impression on every client you work with or sell a product to, this way their always going to boast about you when the time comes.

3. Look locally

Local businesses are always happy for you to leave a bunch of flyers or business cards with them to put on display. The best way to go about this is to give something back, maybe money off your product or service to them for allowing you to advertise with them - If it wont put you at a loss that is. Giving something back may also help you feel more confident about asking to advertise with them.

4. Invest in your website SEO

Almost every business has a website. It's all about making the website intriguing enough so your viewers want to stay on your site longer and read more about you and your business. You can also get your website advertised on google and if your SEO is on fire and kept up to date your google advertisement will work wonders for your business. Millions of people use google, even for the most simples of things, so it is well worth getting your website on google.

5. Investing in PPC (Pay-per click)

PPC allows you to place advertisements in search engine results based on specific keywords and it truly means what it says on the tin, you only pay when people click on your advertisement which prevents you paying for people who are generally not interested, saving you money! PPC and SEO are somewhat similar, however pay per click allows you to gain clicks instantly whereas SEO takes time to build up and become effective although when the two are combined it will give you double the opportunity to gain interest in your business.

6. Write a blog!

Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and to get your business seen! It also shows you know what you're talking about when discussing topics focused around specific business. Providing informative, factual and valuable blog content which relates to your business model will help develop your brand and help you get recognised. Blogging is cost-effective and simple to do! Blogging through your website will provide your website with regular fresh content which will also help your SEO!

So don't go out spending hundreds or even thousands on advertising because there are plenty of ways in which you can do this affordably and effectively!



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