Creating A Boss-a** Logo! Plus grab a freebie!

One of the main additions to your branding is your logo. That little creative piece of artwork that represents your business as a whole. The main component of your brand that people will see and remember. The overall base of your brand. The magical creation which gives your business and brand the value it deserves!

Your logo will help clients remember you, it will give your business value, a professional presence, it will help gain clients trust and most of all, if done properly, it will help you stand out from your competitors!

If you are worth the money your clients are paying you then you can't just throw something together using an online logo maker. Don't make the mistake. Ensure that you are different and that your logo stands out from the crowd.

(Grab your free logo review - See the end of this blog post for details!)

But what does a well designed logo include?

Where do I begin? Well... Before a logo is even designed we start with researching into your particular market and competitors, not just to ensure your logo stands out from them, but to ensure your logo is designed to look different, you wouldn't want to be caught out for copying another businesses design nor would you want to be spotted using a free logo you’ve found and just added your business name to - Don’t look cheap!

Strong knowledge on shape, font and colour psychology go into all logo designs along with the ability to pass on the business message through the use of imagery. As the new logo owner you should receive a variety of different file formats, ensuring you can use your logo in every way possible, from signage to special finished business cards...

So it isn't just creating a pretty picture after all...

(Grab your free logo review - See the end of this blog post for details!)

How can my logo stand out?

Creating a logo that stands out starts by knowing exactly who your target audience is and knowing what appeals to them, for instance, a brand that is aimed at children should be partnered with a fun, bright, characterised design which will grab their attention over a more sophisticated, minimal design. To help you find out what design you should be focusing on, study different designs relating to the same audience as this will help you grasp the design techniques you should be working with. But... Being different is OK! Creating a design which is completely different to your competitors is probably, in my opinion, the best route to take! Think outside the box but make sure the design still suits your audience and still stands out!

Making use of negative, un-used space in a creative way is very efficient and these designs can literally be black and white and they will still stand out from the crowd, take a look at this example;

the white space has been used to create the 'O' in the word 'dots' it is a design technique used by many and designers love designing them! They show creativity and even though they are minimal, it is intriguing to look at and does let off a few Wow's!

Your design can look HOWEVER you want it to look, if you're taking the bull by the horns and designing yourself or you're seeking a professional to do it for you, i's YOU, the business owner, who has the last say. From a professionals point of view, less is more, you may hear this quite often and it is very true! Logo's which have gradients, tiny detailing, endless colours, overlapping text and texture like you've never seen before can be way too much, especially if you are hoping to grow your business in the future, you must think of where your logo is going to appear, for instance on signs, vehicles, advertisements etc... It must be easy to make out and simple on the eye. However sometimes busy logos are fine, if you're a small business or hobbyist and are intending on staying small, then you're safe - As long as our design gives off the right message!

How can I update my current logo?

If you have had your logo designed through a designer, then the process is simple - Contact your designer and ask for a logo freshen up! They'll be more than happy to do this for you. I also offer a 'Logo Clean Up' service for only £50 which includes a complete revamp of your current logo to bring it up to date! Get yours!

However, if you have designed your logo yourself using a free online tool, you're a little more restricted with shape alterations and the only part you may only be able to edit is the fonts and colours (if you're lucky!) Although if luck has fallen on your side then you can make changes to your logo by updating its shape, colours and fonts to fit in with the 'trend' (as they call it!) or to fit in with however the hell you want your logo to look like. It's your own preference.

Ensure you do your research before making changes and announcing changes, make sure you research other businesses like yours so you can make sure your logo stands out from the crowd and also ensure that your logo doesn't copy or mock any other business logo. You must also research your target audience, have their interests changed since you first designed your logo? Are you still focusing on the same audience? Have your services/products changed? All of these questions (and more...) need to be considered before altering your logo to ensure you are up to date and still following the correct pathway for the right audience!

Share this blog post, screenshot your proof and submit your 'proof of share' and your logo to me via email and I will review it, free of charge!



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