How Can Google AdWords Help Put Your Business Infront Of Potential Customers?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Lets start by saying Google is the most used search engine out of them all, when peolple are searching for a product to buy or looking for a cafe local to them which they haven't tried yet, their most likely going to use Google to find what their looking for. Plus, you must not forget who your competitors are, we have giants such as Amazon and Ebay currently dominating the online ecommerce world giving people the opportunity to buy what they need, when they need, and not to forget their super fast turnaround. So before you invest into Google advertising, you must ensure your website is clear, professional and clearly shows what you're selling, a 5 second first impression is all you need for someone to hit that back button and continue their search elsewhere.


Benefits Of Google AdWords

1. Instant Advertising - Your ad can show in the top 5 results on a Google search results page almost instantly.

2. Targeting - with many targeting options, Google Ad's gives business owners the advantage of targeting their advertisement at their potential customers.

3. Reports - are available for you to track and keep up to date with which keywords are working and which are not.

4. Fits all budgets - If you're advertising on a budget, Google AdWords works well at giving you the ability to manage your budgets.

5. Pay only for results - Google Ad's use a PPC (pay per click) feature, this means you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. Cool right! But this means your website must turn these visitors into paying customers.

Making It Work!

This is the important part. The link atatched to your advertisement must be informative but not too lenghty, professional, well designed and intreguing to ensure you can turn those clicks into buyers. But how? There are a number of different ways which I am going to cover...

1. Landing pages. A landing page is a single page which acts like a funnel into your website, it stands alone but is soley made to relay the message you need to relay to your clickers. When businesses create an advertisement, they usually always have one aim, either get more sales, generate leads, email sign up's, registrations and more. Therefore a landing page can be designed to focus on that one aim and transfer those clicks into customers.


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2. Keywords. Your advertisement needs to use smart keywords, for instance if you're aim is to sell your logo design service, a fantastic yet obvious keyword would be 'logo design' alternatively, if you was promoting a webinar training session for business start-up's, you would use keywords such as 'business start up' 'business training' and more along those lines. But remember, eventhough it is important you get your keywords on point, Google AdWords will let you know which are working and which arn't once your advertisement is live.

3. Do your research. Before confirming your keywords, use them to do some research on what comes up when you search for them, this will give you an insight into if their the right keywords or not. Also, research businesses like yours, how have they advertised their advert on Google? What words have they used in their description? Check these out and use your imagination to combine them with your advertisement (but dont copy!)

4. Short and snappy. There isn't much room to add a description for your advertisement, however keeping it short and snappy is your only option, make sure you re-read your description multiple times to ensure it gives off the right messages. And check for typo's!

5. Bold headling. The headline of your ad is the first thing a user will encounter. Make sure it calls out to them and gives them reasoning to click on your advertisement over the many millions they have to choose from.

6. Run multiple advertisements at once. It is advisable to run multiple ads to focus on various objectives. This can be easily done by running multiple campaigns at once. This gives you the chance to see what works best for your business and gives you more chance of bagging those sales/leads etc...

Although there will be hundereds of ways to ensure your advertisement is succesful, it all mainly lies down to what youre website looks like, performs like and what information it holds. SO check it all over before to proceed with investing in adverisements.


All in all, Google AdWords is an extreemly powerful tool for businesses small and large and once you get the hang of it, you will see results. It's all about finding what works for your business at first, onced you've overcome that, you'll be a master.

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