How To Set Up Your Facebook Shop!

If you're selling through your website, Ebay, Etsy… Or any other selling platform then you should also be considering setting up your Facebook store.

In a world full of businesses, small and large, both thriving on getting sales and earning their money, it is hard to keep up with the competition.

Facebook is used by billions of shoppers daily, so don't miss out on those vital sales!

Now... Let me tell you HOW the hell you can do this without being a techy!

It'll be much easier to follow these steps when using a laptop/computer.

How To Set Up Your Shop

1. Where to go first...

Go to your business home page. Click on 'shop' in the navigation column where your 'about' 'services' and everything else is located. 'Shop' should be the fourth selection down.

(If you're unable to locate the 'Shop' tab then there is a possibility you have a template which isn't compatible with the Facebook shop. Simply go to; Settings > Templates and Tabs > Current template > Edit > You can then select the shop template.

2. You now need to set everything up! (Sounds scary...)

You should be prompted with a pop up which will run you though the basics, take a read and select 'get started' and then you will be taken through a variety of steps to set up everything up including your payment methods, where your business is based, your business category, business representative information and your tax registration number (which you can't change at a later date, so ensure it is correct!)

3. Get paid!

After you've filled in everything in step two, you'll be asked to fill in your preferred bank account details and then the final step is to set up your shipping options, return policy and customer service email.

Tah-Dah! That wasn't too hard was it...

But what's a shop with no products...

A pretty rubbish one... So let me talk you through the next steps.

How To Add Products To Your Shop

So, it's very easy...

You're on your business page go to Shop and then Add product.

Fill in all the necessary details including images, descriptions, variants (up to four variants) etc... Then save!

It is THAT simple.

Your product will then be reviewed by Facebook and will then make itself at home in your lovely new shop!

REMEMBER: Keep an up-to date inventory of your products and keep your shop updated as you don't want to be letting customers down and having to send out refunds!

Love keeping 'how to guides' short and snappy!

How easy was that...



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