Improve your SEO with a BLOG!

Website SEO can mean just a few letters put together to some people, but SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and ensures a website can be accessible through search engines along with allowing a website to be easily found! Website SEO consists of a variety of different techniques used to help drive more visitors to your site through search engines.

General ways to improve your sites SEO

SEO can be improved many of ways including;

1. A carefully chosen domain name

2. A web host provider who can provide you with good speed

3. Keyword search

4. A carefully planned website

5. Ensure your site is mobile friendly

6. Keywords for individual pages

7. Optimize your page's URLs

8. Ensure your title tags are relevant

9. Image keywords

10. Ensure your content text includes keywords

11. Unique, relevant, Meta descriptions which include key words

12. Links to other pages on your website

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But how will a blog help?

So, above are just a few examples of improving your SEO, but lets talk about blogging for your website.

#Blogging will give your website fresh content, which search engines love. Why? Because it shows search engines that your website is alive and your content is updated regularly (obviously if you are blogging regularly.)

Your blog should be on topic, relevant to your business, informative and clear. Including images, links to your other pages/blog posts will also really help your #SEO ranking. A well planned out blog which is easy to read, easy to find key information and is clear will help visitors find exactly what their looking for, this is where using clear headings in your posts comes in handy!

One of search engines biggest priorities is giving its browsers information that they are looking for so they'll keep coming back to use that particular search engine time after time. So if your blogs are informative, factual and on topic, you'll have a better chance of viewers visiting and staying on your website for long periods of time, and even returning!

How can I make my blog SEO friendly?

To ensure your blog is SEO friendly you will have to consider a number of factors;

1. Topics

Think! Choose your topics wisely ensuring they are relevant to your website.

2. Structure

Give your blog post some structure. Headings! Use your headings to define the different parts to your blog. Don't just write a story. Cut the blog post up, this will make it easier for your visitors to read and scan through if their looking for something in particular. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet.

3. Decide upon your URL and blog title

Keep your title interesting and intriguing. Including at least one key word in your title will also help. A good title and URL will give people a better idea as to what your blog post is actually about.

4. Links

Add links where necessary. But don't overflow your post with them! Try to associate your post with other blog posts on your website, linking them all together will give people more of a reason to click through your blogs. Internal linking is beneficial to your SEO because it helps search engines discover new pages on your website.

5. Make use of keywords

Don't stuff your post full of keywords, just use your target key words when necessary and always re-read your blog before posting to ensure the text flows naturally.

6. Optimize the length of your post

Research shows that longer blog posts perform better in search engine as they tend to receive more likes and shares and also tend to include more information although this doesn't mean that shorter posts don't do well, I personally think it is more the quality of the post than quantity.

7. Promoting

Promoting your blog post outside of your website, for instance, through your social media platforms will help your SEO! Why? Because when search engines evaluate the ranking of pages, they don’t always take into account the number of key words, images, lengh of content etc.. they take into account the number of external links linking into your website/blog. This is showing google that people are finding your blog post that useful, they’ll go out of their way to share the link!


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