Want to know why people are unfollowing you on Instagram?

It’s a kick in the stomach right.

Once you build up those followers and then wake up the next morning and you’re down 50 followers and you begin to question yourself ‘what the hell did I do wrong this time?’

Don’t threat. It happens to the majority of us.

You spend valuable time creating content you think is of value to your followers and new potential followers. You spend time thinking of the right caption and hastags. You spend time interacting with other accounts. But remember, you can’t please everyone.

But why? Why are people unfollowing you?

Lets take a look...

1. Lack of engagement

Yes! It’s true. People will unfollow you if they notice you don’t interact back with the accounts that are commenting on your posts. Remember, you’ve got to give support to get support. So interacting on those accounts who spend time to like and comment on your posts is a good idea.

2. Over-flooding

Uploading post, after post, after post, can usually lead to your followers clicking that unfollow button. You know what works best for your business and your type of audience, but a good balance of posts is around 1-3 posts per day, spread out through out the day. To avoid over-flooding try using a scheduling app.

3. Inconsistent Posts

When you’re posting 3 posts per day for a week and then for two weeks your followers don’t hear anything from you. This is a cause for the unfollow button. Keeping consistent will keep your followers interested as some of your followers may be waiting to see your next post!

Try to post at the same times each day, and think of your followers like toddlers, once they get used to a routine, they’ll be good to you! (Don’t tell them you think of them as toddlers though!)

4. Variety

If you’re one of those who post near enough the same images over and over again with a lack of variety, then this will be why you’re being unfollowed. Keeping on the topic of your business but also posting things that are unpredictable is a great way to keep your followers happy! Depending on the type of business you are promoting a variety of advertising, personal posts (Not too personal!), interactive posts, competitions and other ideas you may come up with which suit your business model will work well.

5. Bad photo and video quality

Posting low quality, pixelated images and videos is a good way to loose followers. Uploading images which are of good quality and high resolution will result well.

6. Searching for quick and easy followers

Instagram has a range of hashtags such as #followme #likeforlike #instafollow #followtrain and theres hundreds more. These kind of hashtags will give you followers who arnt really interested in what you have to offer meaning they are not going to interact with your page and are possibly going to unfollow you once they’ve received their follow back off you. Don’t do it. Stay away from these hashtags.

7. Hashtags

Since we’re on the topic of hashtags. Using relevant hashtags which are relatable to your business work very well. If you’re a small business, #supportsmallbusinesses is a good one, along with #supportlocal. Keeping those hashtags relevant is key. Also, say for instance, like me, your a graphic designer and you are posting something that you want to target at women who own a business, I will be using hashtags such as, #businesswoman #womeninbusiness #businessmum #bosslady and more along those lines. You get the flow. So what I am getting at is, using hashtags which your target audience will be following is fantastic!

8. Stories

You can keep your valued followers and also gain more followers by making your stories interesting. Also using one hashtag in your story is a good way to target a wider audience as your story may pop up on the hashtags story for all of the people who follow that particular hashtag go see! If you don’t use hashtags in your stories, your story will only be shown to your followers.

Make sure you use your story and keep ontol of updating it, but don't overload it with boring content as this sparks an unfollower spree! Keeping your stories short and intriguing is your best bet!

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But after all of my points above, let me point out this...

There are THREE types of followers in the world of Instagram.

Thats right.

The goodies : First of all, we have the people who genuinely like your page and want to interact and grow a relationship with you.

The baddies : Secondly, we have the people who go on a follow massacre. Following everyone they can find and then after a few days, unfollowing the majority once they have gained their fair share of follow backs! - Naughty, naughty!

The bots : Yessss... bots. You know those weird, irrelevant comments you get on your posts. Yup! Those guys are bots! People pay these bots to interact with other accounts and follow other accounts in hopes to build their followers. - lazy right!

But how can you tackle these unfollowers!?

Easy-peasy! Download this little beauty...

You will then be able to pick those baddies out and hit them with an unfollow back!

To conclude

Instagram is a beautiful place. It gives us the opportunity to grow our business, interact with other businesses and maybe even form collaborations. Keeping to the points I have just explained above, you’ll be sure to tackle those unfollowers the right way and you’ll also most likely gain more followers in the process!



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