Most common online branding mistakes

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

As a designer who's always doing my research on different types of businesses and working with businesses on a day to day basis, I find myself falling upon some typical branding mistakes, which isn't ideal for the business. So let me point out the top most common online branding mistakes that I keep falling upon and how you can rectify them!

1. Not maintaining the brand.

It is quite common for businesses to fall off their brand shelf. By this I don't just mean using the wrong colours, fonts and imagery, I also mean through the way they speak to their audience, to tackle this problem and prevent yourself falling down this path, make a check-list for which you refer to before posting on the internet or interacting with customers, or just to read in the morning to remind you until you no longer need refreshing. In this check list include keywords which relate to the personality of your brand. Using the same imagery pattern through out your posts and having around 2/3 different branded templates will help keep you on track!

2. Having NO BRANDING!

This gives me shivers. Although some businesses can get away with this, it is always better to have a strong brand strategy in place, why? because it helps your audience remember you through colours, personalities and more reasons which are covered in my post: 'Branding: What? How? Why?' Having no branding is quite simple to fix, you simply invest in your business branding by either using a designer to help or there are also methods to do this yourself if you feel you are able to.

3. You can't please everyone!

Stop trying to focus on the whole world! When you develop your brand you also focus on who your audience actually is, so as long as you have pin pointed exactly who your selling or promoting to then you wont have any issues. For instance, you don't need to appeal to men if all you sell is clothing for women. In your posts, ensure you're speaking to the right audience in the right tone, a tone that they will listen to!

4. Old content.

Recently I offered out free social media page reviews and I noticed that at the very top of my list of mistakes was old content. By which I mean when I went onto the page, the first few posts were posted weeks ago!

Posting regularly and keeping your audience updated on what your doing as a business is vital, the reason people follow your page is because they want your updates, their interested in your business! So keep them updated! It’s simple! Keep updates positive and keep them relevant.

5. Expired details.

I tumbled across a handful of pages with website links not working. Your loosing customers! Check those links!

Update your working hours if they have changed and double check all of your information is correct!

As time goes on, businesses grow and pick up different habits, these top three are most likely going to change, but to ensure YOUR branding is on point and you are following brand rules, do your research! Researching companies similar to your own will help you understand who your audience is, what branding you should consider for the type of business you have and make note of any mistakes they are making, so you can nail those mistakes in your own branding and create a business presence that speaks volumes about you and your business.

For a professionals pinion on your social media account, check out the ’services’ section on my website and head over to the reviews section for information on how you can get your social media and website review!



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