Must Have App's For Business!

Keeping your business organised in every corner is tough. Maintaining your social media, accounts, follow-up's, tasks, orders, refunds, keeping up with invoices... Starting to sound daunting, right!

Being a VERY organised person I love to keep track of everything and ensure I have everything in line, otherwise my mind will never rest! So here in my new post I am going to cover the best business app's I have come across which will help you keep everything on the straight and narrow!

Let's get on with it...

Social Media!

Your most used social media apps. You've got to be on them!

Just today I was speaking to a previous client of mine who had done some work for someone, their client mentioned that they would share their service/business on their Instagram page. But, my client didn't have Instagram - Oh dear! You're loosing potential clients and recognition if you're not on at least Facebook and Instagram!


If you're an iPhone holder, you should already have this app as standard with the phone. this is a fantastic app for your to do list. You can make sure you highlight the more important tasks and also schedule reminders. It's fantastic and works really well if you're like me and have a dreadful memory.


Perfect for those with a busy schedule and can't keep on top of all their social media accounts. This app is compatible with #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Pinterest and #Linkedin and therefore allows you to post the same update to each and every one of the platforms I have just mentioned. Allowing you to keep on top of your social media presence by giving you the chance to schedule your posts! It even provides you with analytics for each post you have posted! Giving you the benefit of working out which posts are working well for your audience and which platforms are performing best!


It's becoming more and more popular with the business world. The content on there is so inspiring and gives you some amazing, creative ideas for absolutely everything you can imagine! Create boards to save all of your favourite content to! Post your own content and link them to your social media pages or your websites! It's brilliant and could possibly gain you a few leads!


Is this a new one for you?...

It's certainly a new one I have found! Perfect for those who are on Instagram. This app allows you to schedule and also arrange all of your Instagram content, so if like me you like to have a professional looking pattern to your Instagram feed (see my Instagram here) then you will love this app as it allows you to drag and drop to position all of your future posts. It also lets you manage your Instagram story, see analytics, search and repost, tag products and also give you the chance to manage up to 100 Instagram accounts at the same time (but who has that many accounts...)


This is a great app if you have a variety of services or products you want to advertise in one post! It lets you lay a variety of images onto one template! Allowing you to upload straight away! Pretty straight forward if you ask me!


I have never used any other app than 'Spending' to keep track of what goes out and what comes in money-wise. It is so easy to use and very clearly outlines your incoming and outgoing per month. You can set up personalised categories for instance my outgoing are for printing, postage, materials etc... And my incoming is all through design and the services I offer! If you really needed to you could also include all of your personal incoming and outgoing.

I do hope this helps you and well... Gives you some hope if you're a bad organiser!



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