Why do we feel so much negative pressure when we work from home?

As a mother who works from home I myself deal with the struggles and the challenges that comes with it.

For many, working from home, not having to folk out hundreds per month to put your children into child care is a dream come true... But is it all what it's cracked up to be? Probably not.

Even though there are plenty of benefits such as; Being able to plan your own hours. Having no boss or anyone to tell you what to do and when to do it. Not having those huge nursery bills. Being able to spend more time with family. Not having to book your holidays... I could go on... Those are just a few which popped to mind.


What about the negatives?

Have you ever thought about the pressure working from home has on people?

(and I am not just talking about mums! There are men who work from home and women without children)

The criticism and the negativity which home workers have to read/listen to on a daily basis - mainly by people who commute to a place of work.

The distractions. Demanding children, housework, personal chores...

Maintaining a social life. Getting out the house - This is my biggest struggle as a home worker.

Home workers are forever being put down. Not just by others, but by themselves too. Their mindset sometimes gets overwhelmed by the struggles and the challenges that they too begin to question themselves and their performance.

The support we don't receive from friends and family. Feeling like you're not noticed.

Your life comes so consumed by working from home and ensuring everything is taken care of, from housework, your child's needs, errands, etc... You begin to feel like you're constantly working.

Your surrounded by work in your own home. Your laptop is sat in front of you, your phone is by your side. The need to instantly pick your phone up when you get a request, enquiry, message... Your partner is getting stressed and aggravated because you're always on your phone. But you have a business to run.

You spend so much time working, grafting, being shut down... But you STILL have the determination and the drive to do the best you possibly can. Now that is how you should be thinking.

Forget what everyone else says, forget what they think. Think about YOU. Focus on YOU. Make time for YOU. and ensure your business is at the top of your priorities.

Learn to deal with setbacks and negativity. Or just completely ignore it all.

Do this and you will soar.

Change the way you think - the way your mind works has a HUGE impact on how you do business and how you perform within your business.

Clear your mind and your life of negative thoughts and you will notice a difference.



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