terms and conditions

Agreement between Cloe Leanne Designs and the client. The client/individual is subject to the following terms and conditions.
Cloe Leanne Designs is not responsible for creating the text content on your website. We provide professional copywriting and editing services, so if you’d like us to create new content for you, we’ll provide a separate estimate.
You should supply photographs in a high-resolution for all marketing material including websites.  If you don’t have many images of your own, we are happy to use free stock images and images from our own limited library of copyright-free imagery.
Great news! We can take care of your hosting so you don't have to. The development platform we use offers hosting within the premium packages which start from £6 +vat per month (15.01.2020) for standard websites up to £16 +vat per month (15.01.2020). These packages also come with a free domain name for one year, plus a whole host of other benefits. However, there is also the option to have a website without hosting. Non-hosted websites will use a sub-domain.
We know the nitty-gritty bits when it comes to SEO, although we don’t guarantee improvements to your website’s search engine ranking, although, the pages that we develop are accessible to search engines. Search engine's methods of ranking websites in its search engine results pages changes frequently and therefore Cloe Leanne Designs accept no responsibility for any losses caused as a result of search engine positioning.
Your website is yours, on completion of the web design process, you will receive full ownership and therefore will need to keep the site well maintained, updated, monitored and if something ever goes wrong, your site will even need to be repaired from time to time. This may be daunting to some, and therefore we offer bespoke maintenance packages which include a monthly fee, with this, we will carry out monthly checks on your website along with any maintenance work which needs completing.
All digital designs such as logos are supplied in all relevant file formats for design and print. All of which also hold a design-time limit of 4 hours (excluding research) this is more than enough time to design your ideas and any amendments you require. However, if this time is exceeded, Cloe Leanne Designs has the right to charge the client at an hourly rate of £35/ph. Once the design is handed over along with the relevant files, this is where the design process ends. Any amendments afterwards will incur additional charges.
We offer a huge range of printing options which range from small to mass quantities as well as the sizes of banners, business cards and flyers, right through to the touch and feel of your product. Cloe Leanne Designs checks all designs thoroughly but we can not stress enough that all designs much be thoroughly checked by the client before confirming that they are happy for the design to go to print. Once the confirmation for printing has been received, the design will be sent into the print queue for production to commence. Due to the different resolutions of screens, sometimes it may occur that colours are slightly different when the client receives the printed product, this can happen when using certain colours. If you are supplying images for the design, please ensure they are of high resolution to prevent pixelated images.
Our super-fast turnaround is a big selling point of ours, we usually have printed products at your doorstep within 5-7 working days, however, this can not be guaranteed and we take no responsibility for deliveries arriving late. All of our printed material is supplied from our trustworthy suppliers who are a well-known company and have been trading for 15 years, we have worked with this company since day dot and have never had issues to this date. However, if an issue was to occur and a parcel was to go missing, this should be raised to Cloe Leanne Designs (A parcel is considered missing/late if it passes 21 working days from postage date) the case will then be raised with our supplier and you will be kept updated throughout. Like our clients, we always want orders to be delivered on time and will always push for this to be fulfilled.
The client agrees to pay Cloe Leanne Designs in accordance with the terms specified for each product/design and in each quote/estimate. Full cost or 50% of the cost is required upfront before work can begin. Only proofs will be provided in cases where the client has only paid 50% of the cost, once the full cost has been paid, only then will the client receive full digital copies of their designs. In some cases, we may offer payment plans and again, the client will only receive the completed design once payment has been received in full.
New changes on the design which have been requested by the client and performed by Cloe Leanne Designs after a price/quote/estimate has been approved is considered a revision or alteration. If the client requests change to an extent that substantially alters the design overall, we will submit a revised additional fee which must be agreed to by both parties before further work proceeds. Alterations and other copy changes requested after designs are completed are billed at standard hourly rates of £35/ph.
You are responsible for all trademark, service mark, copyright and patent infringement clearances. You are also responsible for arranging, prior to publication, any necessary legal clearance of materials we prepare.
It is the client's responsibility to check designs carefully for accuracy in all respects, ranging from spelling to technical illustrations. Cloe Leanne Designs is not liable for errors or omissions.


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